The TIMMIS Blockchain team creates a participation system that will be used at 64 SEMINCI

The Blockchain team that emerged from the second edition of the European project TIMMIS Entrepreneurship at the Department of Foreign Trade at the University of Valladolid has developed a digital participation system that will be used by those attending 64 SEMINCI on Friday 25th October at the 7pm session. This system will allow the opinions of the spectators at the international independent and auteur cinema week held in Valladolid to be found out.

In particular, the Teatro Calderón, which had a full house for this evening session, will be visited by CLAUDIA, a solution based on Blockchain and distributed ledger technology so that spectators can participate using their mobile phones and enter a prize draw for a VIP pass for SEMINCI 2020.

CLAUDIA is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which essentially seeks Sustainable Development Objective number 10 of the United Nations’ Development Agenda 2030, aimed at reducing inequality. The system was incubated at UVa within the framework of the project 0422_TIMMIS_Emprendedurismo_2_E at the University of Valladolid’s Department of Foreign Trade, which is carried out thanks to FEDER funds through the Interreg POCTEP Programme.

After reaping success at the 2019 edition of the Startup Olé technology event, at which it received an honorary mention as Best Blockchain Seed Project and an AWS prize, it has developed to become a real start-up at the Alastria Ecosystem. It is currently in its acceleration phase with Councilbox and Kunfud, two of Alastria’s partners. “This opportunity is a very important challenge for us, but also a motivation. We want to thank SEMINCI for its support for entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation,” notes Natalia García, CLAUDIA’s strategy manager.

CLAUDIA encourages you to follow this initiative via its Twitter profile, @weareclaudia.

Alastria, a multisectorial consortium that has already been joined by 460 entities of all types, sizes and sectors, is a non-profit association that promotes digital economy by developing decentralized/Blockchain technologies.


TIMMIS Emprendedurismo, in its third edition

With the objective of establishing an ecosystem that is necessary and conducive to the appearance of new business initiatives, the TIMMIS Emprendedurismo programme encourages the creation of Transborder, Inclusive Multidisciplinary, Multicultural, International and Sustainable (TIMMIS) teams that develop business models in the preincubation phase. Currently, TIMMIS Emprendedurismo is in the middle of its third edition, in which 20 new teams from Spain and Portugal will participate, seeking solutions to real market needs.

The TIMMIS Emprendedurismo project is led by the University of Valladolid in collaboration with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Valladolid, the Business Association of the District of Bragança (NERBA), the University and Higher Education Foundation of Castilla y León (FUESCyL) and Exportun.