Department of Foreign Trade of the University of Valladolid

Gracia Patricia Sanz
Co-founder of the UVA Department of Foreign Trade.
Technical Director of TIMMIS Teams.
President and Founder of Exportun.
Antonio De la Ossa
Founder and CEO of De la Ossa Consultores.
IMF Customs Consultant.

Guillermo Rivas-Plata Garay
Member of the EU Talent Group. Honorary President of ACOCEX.
Pedagogical Coordinator of Foreign Trade courses.
Javier Del Río Hernández
CEO of CFI International Finance Consultants.
Managing Partner Spain Invest Sifdi.

Rodrigo Pereira Coutinho
International Trade Consultant.
International Head Hunter
Nuno Reis de Almeida Frazao
Founder and CEO of Positive Benefits and Partner AKA Group.
International Trade Consultant

Miguel Ángel Martín
President of Infebex.
Founding President ACOCEX.
Ismael Arribas
President and CEO of Kunfud.

Ana Atienza
Consultant Area International Commerce Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid.
Luisa María Pires
Coordinator of the entrepreneurship department at NERBA.

Javier Sanz
Managing Partner of Drommer Consulting.
CFI associate consultant.
Adviser of VT International.
Francisco Barrios
SOIVRE official.
International Trade Consultant