Strong representation for TIMMIS at the finals of the Business Creation Awards

On Wednesday 23rd October the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Valladolid hosted the finals of the XII Business Creation Awards, the objective of which is to recognize the best entrepreneurial initiatives from the centre’s students or graduates.

The five finalist teams defended their projects before a jury composed of nine professionals from the company, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the communication media sector. It should be highlighted that the five finalists are from the 0422_TIMMIS_Emprendedurismo_2_E European Project at the Department of Foreign Trade at UVa.

The first prize was awarded to the Verde Agua Consulting project, an environmental consultancy with the mission of helping companies in Castilla y León in their ecological transition and adaptation to European legislation, with a focus on directing companies towards better use of single-use plastics and offering sustainable alternatives.

The second prize was given to Proyecto Primera de Castilla, entered by Iris Muñoz, Noelia del Val and Cristina Gato, from the Viloria del Henar TIMMIS team, which is focused on the protection of the Castellana Negra chicken by marketing its eggs.

The third prize was for the Viba Agile Innovation initiative, a consultancy for management and innovation processes by Blanca Araujo, TIMMIS mentor and entrepreneur, and Patricia Sanz.

Finally, the fourth prize went to the CLAUDIA project, which emerged within the framework of the Blockchain TIMMIS team and was entered by Natalia García, Diego Monedero, Inés Muñoz and Israel González, and SmarTEA, by Juan Cortés, Jorge Bastardo, Gonzalo López and Adrián Lamela, from the TIMMIS Autism Team.


The five finalist projects constituted a clear dedication to innovation and deal with business ideas directly related to new economic trends: recycling, ecological farming with local roots, consulting for businesses to improve their competitivity, Blockchain technology and services for people with difficulties.

The Business Creation Awards also have the support of the Social Advisory Board at the University of Valladolid; Laboral Kutxa; Fundación Parque Científico at the University of Valladolid; the Valladolid City Council’s Agency for Innovation and Economic Development; the Official Valladolid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services; the Vallisoletana Confederation of Entrepreneurs; El Norte de Castilla newspaper; SECOT (Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation) and the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Valladolid.