Teamwork as the key to success

The TIMMIS development sessions continue progressing as the 2019/20 academic year advances. The students keep progressing with their competence development and continue learning to develop a business model. The 20 TIMMIS teams of this third edition are evolving every day with students’ work, the help of mentors and the support of sponsors, who together contribute to defining the business model they will follow.

At the third session of this course, the attendees learned to recognize the importance of teamwork, the features it should have and to establish the rules that all the members have to follow to achieve success in a project.

To continue advancing with the definition of the business model on which participants in the third edition of TIMMIS will work over the coming months, the attendees of this third session continued producing the action plan for their project, using the Canvas model. In this way, they were in charge of identifying key activities, the description of the objective, assigning different responsibilities, the timeline to follow, the resources necessary to develop the activity and the costs that may be involved. Students, mentors and sponsors had time for each team to get together individually with the aim of tackling all these elements.

To bring the session to a close, all the attendees participated in a playful activity to experiment with the importance of teamwork. With the mission of creating a large TIMMIS logotype with the materials provided to them, the participants were divided into large groups and, at the same time, into different subgroups according to the colours.

Observing the final result, the students were able to see how knowing which resources were available to them, as well as knowing how to distribute them, is essential to successfully completing any project.