S for Sustainable

Sustainability is key in the creation of new companies, taking into account the widest range of their semantics. Not only is it essential that the newly created company can, literally, sustain and maintain itself with the resources it generates over a long period of time, it is also important that this feat, already difficult in and of itself, is achieved through a remarkable respect for its surroundings, heritage, and the environment.

TIMMIS is committed to numerous ways for students participating in the work groups to create ideas that think beyond tomorrow, aside from the mentor figures that lead the teams and prevent them from committing recurring errors that are easy for newcomers to make. In addition, there is a spirit that comes from the organization that encourages business growth from formulas such as bilateral and multilateral association. Likewise, we have the idea of a congress power that favors everything that is displayed throughout these weeks: the promotion of transborder relations, inclusiveness in companies, development in multidisciplinary teams, multicultural respect, business internationalization and, naturally, sustainability.

These 21st century values, as necessary to preserve and maintain as to analyze their immediate and long-term evolution, must be an integral part of the DNA of everything that company created in the heat of the TIMMIS culture. At the same time, companies that choose to integrate these bodies, products, or services into their skeletons will find a tool to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility, through the transfer of their experiences and knowledge to these new generations, and through a firm position regarding the retention of talent in the transborder area.