I for International

The demands of the market, to date, are challenging for every entrepreneur. Any new business project that is created, whether it is a neighborhood haberdashery, a leisure center for a neighborhood association, or a consultancy firm specializing in the crops and territories of a region in northeast Spain, must have a clear international vision.

At TIMMIS, the members of each team set the objective of creating a product or service that works for an already existing public or private body, but they also face a double challenge: that of setting up their own company and, specifically, one within Born Global, focused on the international market and with a considerable margin for growth and consolidation in its particular niche over the years. The support in this aspect is crucial in the globalized world in which all benefit, especially when considering a tool as useful and extensive as the Internet, due to which one should be able to satisfy a potential client regardless of the thousands of kilometers that may separate them from the company.

Thus, the potential of the created company resulting from the work at TIMMIS covers a much larger and more ambitious field and will be at the same level as its more experienced competitors in a world that is changing more and more rapidly and where the adaptation to the standards and protocols of other countries is essential for survival.