M for Multidisciplinary

Multidisciplinarity relates to the ability to encompass different tasks, within a team, with the approaches and experiences of very different specialties that contribute to preparing it for the different battles that have to be fought. Only with the ability to face different perspectives in a world increasingly similar to a large and immense orchestra, where one must know if they have to blow, beat, or strum, and because of that, requires nothing less than the best specialist behind each instrument so that the melody is as harmonious as possible.

At TIMMIS, being multidisciplinary is inherent to each team. If a team is not multidisciplinary it is not TIMMIS, because the design philosophy of each working group and each project is to have specialists in different disciplines, coming from very different degrees and with a vision of the world sufficiently biased by one’s own university education, different according to the degree they have chosen. For this reason, it is imperative that commerce students communicate with journalists, engineers with philosophers, history students with information technicians, geographers with education majors, etc.

Each TIMMIS team thus enjoys a collection of well-differentiated points of view that enrich the final project, both from these students of different backgrounds and with the participation of, if possible, inclusive people who contribute their experiences and their perspectives coming from another generation to the formation of these business projects