I for Inclusive

Inclusive projects try to integrate, in this sense, a person who, by their characteristics -gender, race, class, concerns, culture, nationality, sexuality-, moves away from the norm or the general within a team, something that enriches the work group with their participation.
In TIMMIS, the inclusive personality responds to a different profile than the norms to which the university student immersed in their TFG, TFM or internship adhere: they are a person with remarkable work experience in the field that is being worked on and who, either because they are unemployed or because it addresses their professional concerns, decides to participate in this healthy exchange with people usually younger than him or her. The transfer is twofold: on the one hand, the inclusive person shares their experiences, teaches how to avoid mistakes and exhibits a deep knowledge of the issues that are being discussed; on the other hand, the rest of the team transmits the way of thinking, doubts, desires and ambitions of a thriving generation, which enriches the inclusive person in such a way, making them a participant in the way of thinking, living and working of the people of tomorrow.
The inclusive person, within TIMMIS, benefits in turn from the same facilities as each student in the team: they complete competency tests at the beginning and end of the experience, and from the results they learn their strengths and abilities within the work group: resilience, leadership, tolerance to failure, creativity, etc.