José Adriano Pires, member of the Academic Team of the Department of Foreign Trade, has passed away

The director of the Higher School of Technology of Bragança and member of the academic team of the Department of Foreign Trade, José Adriano Pires, died yesterday at 52 years of age, we have learned from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança.

Adriano Pires was part of the spirit and team of the Department of Foreign Trade practically from the inception of that idea that, with time, would become the European project TIMMIS Entrepreneurship. Through the also integral academic team member María Redondo, with whom he participated in a European project on entrepreneurship back in their day, Pires contacted the co-founder of the Chair, Patricia Sanz, to whom he showed the added value that software could provide for the management of the teams.

Contributing his knowledge both in the field of entrepreneurship and in the computer world, Adriano Pires contributed heavily to the creation of a platform developed by Innovtek that channels the development of ideas, tracking, and evolution of each TIMMIS project; a process that culminates in the preparation of a final document from which the idea of pre-incubation can move on to the next phase.

From the Department of Foreign Trade, we want to convey to his family and friends our deepest condolences for the loss of an exceptional personal and professional partner, who was involved in the development of TIMMIS teams since its inception and contributed the value that the transborder sphere holds.