Foto: Sociograph

Sociograph evaluates the skills acquired through TIMMIS

The people who take part in this year’s edition participate in monitoring how their skills and abilities develop throughout this European project.

Near the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, the different members of the TIMMIS teams face a new and stimulating challenge: the evaluation of their acquired skills throughout the different work sessions with Inner Bloom. For this, the company Sociograph will monitor their responses in a last great dynamic, which will take place on June 6 and 7, 2018.

In these sessions, the TIMMIS teams will work in groups to build different physical structures using non-conventional materials. The objective is clear: that they can play with the possibility not only of building something together, but also of exploring their own communication skills, flexibility, goal-orientation, leadership capacity and resilience to change, failure and unexpected events.

Inner Bloom will use a series of questions in which learning is supported at the end of the dynamic. The teams will be able to demonstrate which skills they used and which they think are abundant or, on the contrary, needed within the group. The management of frustration and the ability to adapt when facing a challenge will also take a leading role in this forum where what is learned is synthesized quickly through critical thinking.

Apart from the recording and measurement of responses by the company Sociograph, students can also complete a BIP test of skills and personality, analogous to the one they did at the beginning of the course, with which they can individually check their evolution throughout this participatory experience.

Article image by Sociograph Neuromarketing