The Valladolid Provincial Authority welcomes the TIMMIS project

Jesús Julio Carnero and the founders of the Department speak at the Faculty of Commerce

The European project Interreg Poctep 0422_TIMMIS Entrepreneurship, after strengthening its commitment in the first year of activity with the creation of three teams sponsored by different municipalities of Valladolid (Medina del Campo, Medina de Rioseco and Boecillo), has shown interest in strengthening this line of work with more cities and towns in the province. This gesture resulted in the presentation of this innovative initiative to Jesús Julio Carnero, president of the Council of Valladolid, who showed great interest in future conversations so that TIMMIS can consolidate itself in more territories of the region.

Dr. Beatriz Fernández, co-founder of the Department and academic director of the TIMMIS teams, and Patricia Sanz, co-founder of the Department and technical director, spoke yesterday with Carnero about studying future possibilities of support and feedback between the Council and the project, with the hope that, as has already happened this year, multidisciplinary teams of students and inclusive people can be structured around the needs of each municipality. This 2017-2018 course, TIMMIS Medina del Campo is working on the increase of cultural and international tourism around the town, according to the plans and needs that the territory has to offer.

TIMMIS Medina de Rioseco is working closely with the city’s municipal team to develop a support that gives substance and form to the industrial development that characterizes the area. Finally, Boecillo, the most international team – composed of four Chinese students and one Spanish student, is working in turn on a support more focused on intrapreneurship, through closer links with local companies.

Jesús Julio Carnero visited the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Valladolid yesterday, May 22, 2018, concerning the talk on ‘The role of provincial councils in the XXI century in Spain,’ which he developed with the dean of Commerce and member of the academic team of the Department, José Antonio Salvador Insúa, in the Aula Magna auditorium at the Rector Tejerina building of the University of Valladolid.


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