TIMMIS meets with the Autism Association

The technical director of the TIMMIS teams presents the project to the heads of the delegation in Valladolid

The co-founder of the Department of Foreign Trade and technical director of the TIMMIS teams, Patricia Sanz, met with representatives of the Valladolid Autism Association with the aim of presenting the European project Interreg Poctep 0422 TIMMIS_Entrepreneurship, and create channels for complicity and involvement for the next course.
The Castilla León Autism Federation works to improve the quality of life of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by attending to their rights to achieve equal opportunities and full accessibility to all types of products and services, both for them and for their relatives.
Its unbeatable social contribution to the city fits perfectly with the spirit of TIMMIS, where students from different degrees work as a team, bringing together the backgrounds, concerns, and experiences of each curriculum in order to build, between all involved, a product or service likely to be useful, economically viable and necessary for society.
If you are an undergraduate or Master’s student and want to participate, you can find us at the Department of Foreign Trade, on the third floor of the Faculty of Commerce; or request more information through our participation form.