M for Multicultural

In the increasingly polarized world in which we live, multiculturalism plays an essential role. Not only for the respect and recognition of different cultures and ways of life and thinking about how we live -always within a tolerable required minimum both at the democratic level and at the human rights level-, also for the defense, preservation, and dissemination of inherent values of the local and national culture, that survive through evolution by the different generations that know and value it as a conservation and understanding of its deepest roots, identity signs inseparable from the nationality of each one.

Within the European project 0422 TIMMIS_Entrepreneurship, we understand that multiculturalism is another factor that stands out in the creation of our work teams. Therefore one of our positions in the first university course in which we developed this initiative resulted in the creation of the TIMMIS Boecillo team, composed of four Chinese students and one Spanish student, who worked on a project to bring the culture of the Asian country closer to the lands of the Valladolid municipality.

With its calendar, gastronomy, festivals, games, beliefs, etc., that exotic point that can be seen within every culture can create dialogue, in turn, with the call to the inhabitants of that country to understand our vision for their way of life, and they in turn not only experience our vision, but enrich it by sharing their perspective with us.