A new TIMMIS academic year is underway

Yet another year, and we are already onto the third edition. An inaugural development session welcomed the students participating in the project 0422_TIMMIS_Emprendedurismo_2_E, who will participate in the 2019/20 academic year. At the start of the event, attendees were welcomed by the academic director of the Department of Foreign Trade at UVa, Beatriz Fernández Alonso.

A total of 20 teams will participate in the present edition, including 15 from the University of Valladolid and five from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. Some of the students from Portugal were able to attend the first session of the third edition of TIMMIS in Valladolid. Students, mentors and sponsors were able to meet their other team members and develop a first approach to the topic they will work on over the coming months. Afterwards, a representative from each group will present the profiles of those in their team and the topic on which they will develop their business model to the other attendees at the event.

Once they have found out which field of research they will stick to, the teams will work on producing a more detailed description of their project: defining the activities to be carried out, people in charge, cost, timeline and progression.

At a session run by Estela Llorente and Patricia Sanz, the students and mentors were able to find out about the importance of time management as a key to success, in other words, acquiring organizational skills and establishing priorities. Furthermore, as part of the process of defining the business model to be created, each team brainstormed ideas to find new ways to continue working.

To finalize the first development session of this academic year, the attendees wove a mesh by passing a ball of wool from one to another while summarizing in one word what they felt they had gained by attending the session.