TIMMIS plants seeds in Medina de Rioseco’s 2nd Agricultural Encounter

Anabel Tovar, from TIMMIS Rioseco 21, presents her project with the technical director of the Department, Patricia Sanz

Medina de Rioseco’s 2nd Agricultural Encounter took place today, Friday, June 22, 2018, with the participation of TIMMIS thanks to the work that the TIMMIS Rioseco 21 team has developed throughout the year. Anabel Tovar, a student at the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Valladolid and member of this team, gave a talk about her project, which was prefaced by the technical director of TIMMIS teams and co-founder of the Department of Foreign Trade, Patricia Sanz.

The technical director started by explaining the philosophy that breathes the cultural spirit around TIMMIS: teamwork, research on labor competencies, creation of companies, contribution in the professional field of rural areas, etc. These are the principles of TIMMIS, a European project by Interreg Poctep focused on creating transborder, inclusive, multidisciplinary, multicultural, international, and sustainable teams.

Tovar began by addressing the dawn of her idea, based on the research of alternative wheat crops based on gluten-free flour. After a meeting with the mayor of Medina de Rioseco, David Esteban, a team was formed little by little centered around an inclusive person -David Iglesias-, two commerce students (Tovar and María Antolín), one law student (Álvaro Valdivieso) and an industrial agronomist engineer (Rodrigo de la Fuente).

All together, through listening training sessions, Design Thinking methodology, and exploration of Storytelling, body and shape is given to an ambitious business project thought to be more than useful for the agricultural needs of the Medina de Rioseco municipality. At the same time, there is an academic objective: to discover and develop one’s work skills, thanks to the collaboration of the BIP competency tests, the Inner Bloom developments, or the involvement of neuromarketing provided by Sociograph.