The II TIMMIS Congress, an event to remember

On 20 February 2020, the Faculty of Commerce hosted the II International TIMMIS Congress, within the UVa Foreign Trade Department’s European project 0422_TIMMIS_entrepreneurialism_2_E, developed thanks to ERDF funds through the Interreg POCTEP programme.

If you were unable to attend or if you attended but want to recall the most important parts of the meeting, you can enjoy video of the congress on the UVa Foreign Trade Department’s YouTube channel.

The congress was opened by the Deputy Minister for Universities and Research of the Government of Castile and León, Pilar Garcés, and the UVa’s Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer, Oscar Martinez, the President of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Orlando Rodrigues, and the Dean of the UVa Faculty of Commerce, José Antonio Salvador Insúa.

Teamwork as the key to successful entrepreneurship and forms of funding were the two topics discussed in the round tables held, involving prominent professionals in the sector from Valladolid and Bragança, such as Rosario Casero (ICO), Carmen Sanz (Sodical), Jorge Humberto Sampaio (IPB), Pedro Ignacio Ruiz (UVa Science Park), José Alberto Martín Manjarrés (Castile and León Basketball Federation) and the psychologist Estela Llorente.

Completing the congress, ten TIMMIS teams from the UVa and IPB presented their business projects and ideas to all the attendees in a session closed by the State technical specialist and economist José Manuel Reyero.