Sara Fernández Cueto defends the ‘Professional qualification in business protocol consultancy’

A participant in the TIMMIS Protococyl team gets a 10 in defense of her TFG

The education student Sara Fernández Cueto, member of the TIMMIS Protococyl team mentored by Inocencio Arias and Carmen Blanco, defended her TFG ‘Professional qualification in business protocol consultancy,’ a study on the professional profile, the requirements and competencies that a person must acquire to be able to dedicate oneself, at the highest level, to the orientation of companies in the global protocol.

It is the third level in the hierarchy around which the work of Fernández Cueto is based, who earned a 10 in the defense of his work, corresponding to the organization and management of events, since the first and the second involve information and counseling.

Starting from modules known as ‘Units of competence,’ which guide the qualification, Fernández Cueto draws up the series of professional profiles that must be acquired by those who are trained in this work -in terms of their studies-, and puts them into practice through the so-called ‘training modules.’ An example of the first would be to assist and advise large companies and business groups in the establishment of their commercial relationships globally; while a case of the second would be the list of capabilities and evaluation criteria for that profile, such as knowing how to adapt information to company characteristics, following the protocol in meetings, or understanding and proceeding correctly in the culture and language of the person who comes abroad.

The work, which adds context to the protocol, as well as its types and its evolution throughout history, was evaluated, among others, by a social educator and Fernández Cueto’s tutor, professor of the Department of Pedagogy Vicente Matía. The president of the Protocol Association of Castilla y León, Carmen Blanco, attended the presentation as a listener.

His TFG is in dialogue with his work in the TIMMIS Protococyl team, composed of Fernández Cueto, Jorge Benito, Cristina Gorincioi and María Turiel.