Inocencio Arias gives a talk on protocol at the Faculty of Commerce

Within the scope of activities that fall within the Department of Foreign Trade and the European project 0422_TIMMIS Entrepreneurship, funded by Interreg through ERDF funds, recently highlighted the participation of diplomat Inocencio Arias, external mentor of the TIMMIS Protococyl team, in which the ex-consul talked, for more than an hour and a half, about international protocol.

The experience of Inocencio Arias as diplomat at the UN and the different anecdotes he has collected of things that have happened throughout his vast professional career lead up to the vision he has today for etiquette and protocol based on examples as recent and well known as how Pablo Iglesias dressed to meet the King or for the Goya awards, as well as great missteps of classics like Nixon and difficult situations like Bill Clinton’s during the Lewinski scandal.

The assistant lecturer, who together with a large group of students numbered more than sixty, was able to learn to avoid major errors such as serving alcohol to Muslim guests or the consequences of not knowing the protocol of the local country, capable of ruining, in the words of Arias, even the best business. Both politics and the business world depend quite heavily on these doses of diplomacy, and the audience showed great appreciation to Arias for his talk.