Antonio de la Ossa meets with the TIMMIS Ideal Fruits team

The TIMMIS Ideal Fruits team held its first session yesterday with the external and internal mentors of their project; respectively, the customs consultant Antonio de la Ossa and the Management Controller Mónica Martín.

Students Diego Calatayud and Guillermo Sánchez-Mira Cano, both students of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Valladolid, held a lively meeting in which they drew a first sketch of how their project would develop; aimed at finding an innovative solution concerning fruit’s distribution, storage at the commercial facility, and supply to the customer in the market.

Antonio de la Ossa is a customs consultant whose CV includes both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where he contributed his work as an expert on customs matters, more specifically in the Latin American area. De la Ossa also held the position of Director of Spanish Customs in the Ministry of Economy and served as director of the Ibercóndor firm until 2017.

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