María de Pablos gets outstanding in her TFG linked to TIMMIS

The Faculty of Commerce student María de Pablos, part of the TIMMIS Boecillo team, obtained a ten this year in defense of her TFG linked to TIMMIS. The student, who hopes to hear from the board the next month if this qualification becomes a distinction, participated in her first experience with four Chinese colleagues: Zhu Ximing, Liu Shaohua, Wu Chunxiao, and Deng Guoyang.

The team, mentored by Nicolás Prieto and Rafael Cascales, developed a project for the Casino of Castilla y León, whose marketing plan, designed by De Pablos, is the bulk of the narrative in defense of the TFG. In it, the Commerce graduate designs a strategy to sell an event based on the Chinese New Year, as much for the Spanish public as for the foreign public.